HGH Dosage and Timing

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HGH Dosage and Timing

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I’m about to receive my first shipment of GH. 5 kits of 10 12iu vials. Was looking at start with 4iu daily. Some say you need to start with 2ius and work your way up. Others say you don’t. Also I’m reading first thing in the am before you eat is the best time. But then I see at night for recovery is the best time. Also have read splitting the dose and doing 2iu in the morning and 2iu in late afternoon due to cortisol lvls.
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Re: HGH Dosage and Timing

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Best way to use is splitting dosages

Morning 2 iu
Evening 2 iu

Daily 4 iu is a good dosage for bodybuilding goals.

You can do 4 iu when first thing in the morning(If two injections per day is hard for you)

Daily 2 iu is a low dose for bodybuilding goals.
2 iu is optimum for skin care or anti aging.

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Re: HGH Dosage and Timing

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